Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Berjaya Fiber`s sponsor

Mechapro Team is one of the participant that represent Universiti Malaysia Pahang behind Sae-Ump. Without any funds, it is impossible to run for at least 10% of the project. However, other initiative is that team members can contribute "comitment funds" as initial budget to start the technical work. In this particular changes, we would like to highlight our sponsor who have give us their trust to compete the other candidates in this upcoming event, Shell eco Marathon Asia 2010.

Therefore, for any contribution in this project should be given following benefits which include

1) For any sponsorship that exceeding total amount of RM 1500 will be given an invitation to join grand dinner organized by our club, Mechapro.

2)  Income tax relief for donations ( di bawah akta 44[6] Akta Cukai Pendapatan )

3) Company`s logo will be sticked onto the body of car, streamer, flyers,poster,backdrop, banner,bunting and any that related to promoting purpose.

4) Any sponsor will be invited to give a talk/speech under Mechapro Club program

5) Company also will be given recognition by organizer.

We would like to highlight material sponsor by Berjaya Fiber SDN BHD. Special thanks for Mr Firdaus as the owner of the factory. This premises located 2km from our campus, Gambang. However, we really appreciated his kindness for willing to provide a space for us in his factory. Besides that, he simply teach us anything regarding fiberglass and making his boat too. Mr Firdaus do not hesitate to us. Surely a lot of fiberglass was used in making the body of the car.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Zhenoxs ' prototype overview '

Prototype overview

Type : Gasoline
Body : Fiberglass + acryllic sheet + rigid sheet
Chassis : stainless steel
Engine : GX35,(standard)
Tire : Maxxis, Alexrim ( rim )
Total length : 3m
Total width : 1.5m
Radius : 30cm
Weight : NA

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Zhenoxs The Newborn Selected Article

When it come to be an engineer, one should think a lot of things. We must broden our maturity to get involve this engineering world.Shell eco Marathon is one of the program which guide the student and give an introduction of being an engineer. All the task must be completed in the given period. Before getting into the scenario, one should ask himself,how much does he or she be prepared to be one of the team members.Because,if we are thinking of starting from a zero,then we should not complain for any difficulties sooner. This is what ones should consider to take the challenge.

Shell eco Marathon is a program that challenge student around the world to build a car that run on minimum fuel consumption while manage to complete the longest distance. There will be 2 categories which is urban and prototype.

Mechapro Team is a team representing Universiti Malaysia Pahang to take the challenge in prototype category. The given name to that prototype is
"Zhenoxs 01". Zhenoxs does not represent any means because it is a solid word that describe our prototype.Insya`Allah, in Allah `s will, there will be another Zhenoxs for upcoming competition.

However, Zhenoxs 01 our first prototype will run on petrol fuels. We welcome you to see the car in our campus. Along with construction of Zhenoxs 01, we did a book entitled "Zhenoxs The NEWBORN" to describe all the process taken throughout the year in completing the car.

This posted article is the selected chapter written in that book. For any questions, you can drop your comment in these series article.Please feel free to connect with us in our Facebook.

feel the passion

Meeting with team leader on 22 June

Click on Team album tabs for more picture.

Congratulation team mates for the successful launch event on 22 June,yesterday with NC.
However, for those who did not attended the meeting last night please take note that Zaki has divided all team members into particular task. We only have two week approximately before competition.Please ask any of those who came last night for meeting agenda.

There will be 3 main task,and following is members who responsible for each department.

Chassis < 23 - 26 June >
-Takki ( if avaiable)
(task included: modification for weight reduction,trimming for safety purpose,engine position etc.)

Body < 23 - 26 June >
(task included : fix in acryllic sheet and rigid sheet onto top cover,trimming,sanding,bracketing body edges,evo grill( engine cover),ventilation etc.)

Admin < 23-26 June >

task included :survey for sponsor,application for accomodation collaboration,banner (hang around Gambang campus>publisiti),transportation etc.

however, those who still did not arrive around campus,inform your status immediately at facebook`s wall.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Announcement to all team mates for the next grand meeting.

As mentioned in Facebook`s wall, our next meeting schedule is as following. The aim is to getting another cash-sponsor from Datin,Insya`Allah,while with Prof Rosli, he just want to know the progress of the car.

21 of June = Meeting with Prof Dr Rosli
22 of June = Launch car with NC
23 of June = Meeting with Datin
Good luck!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Zhenoxs in Harian Metro

We were proud to see our Zhenoxs on Harian Metro yesterday. However, it is quite clumsy when Mechapro Team compared with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. As said by our Team Manager,Mr Ahmad Zaki, Mechapro Team aimed to raise competency among the participants, and not to claim as the winners for it is too early to say so.

Along with this,we hope that it will be easy for us looking for sponsorship.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

press conference at Audiotorium Chempaka Sari

2 june, our team have been invited to go to press conference that held at Chempaka Sari, Putrajaya. there are many university in malaysia also participated in this event which Universiti Sains Malaysia(USM), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia(UTM), Universiti Teknologi Petronas(UTP), Universiti Teknologi Mara(UiTM), Universiti Malaysia Pahang(UMP) and unversiti kebangsaan malaysia(UKM).

there are many advantages that we got from this event such as
  • can exchange any ideas about how to improve our vehicle
  • enlarge our knowledge among others university
  • can ask any question directly to Mr Colin Chin (technical support)
Showcase time!!

preparing our booth

work progress till 8 june 2010

finally we have entered second phase for

Body Department

During second phase finishing, we emphasized on weight
reduction of the body . However, only the top cover of the driver and
the back of the engine cover can be done

Completed task:

•Grinding excessive fiberglass inside the body.
•Cutting out certain part of the body and replace it with grill
•Removing part that used fiberglass and replace it with rivet bullet.
•Fix in Perspex at the top cover of the driver

Upcoming task

•Body painting.
this progress will be continue on 14 of June
due to engine changing, Insya`Allah.


We decided to change previous engine, Honda EX5
“modified” into Honda GX35.
due to weight factor and limiting of time.


Overall, chassis of the prototype is
almost complete, with improved handling system by last week


•Engine modification
•Zhenoxs THE NEWBORN book`s
•Preparation for launching event on 22 June at Pekan Campus.
•Insya`Allah we will complete this before this weekend

Zhenoxs Generation

•Zhenoxs refer to prototype car produced by Mechapro TEAM
•While Zhenoxs 1 is a prototype model that we are working on now.
•There will be another Zhenoxs's versions on the next year,Insya`Allah.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Safety Rules

as we are known, safety is an essential consideration for the organizer. these rules provided by organizer is to protects all individuals and surrounding areas and are in no way intended to curtail the spirit of the competition. As safety manager, compliance with safe driving and sporting rules will be mandatory for us.


Our team have made the most extensive effort to comply with the safety rule set forth in the SEM Asia Rules Chapter 1 and 2 as well as integrated the safety consideration into our vehicle design and construction. Below is our information that we put in our vehicle

Vehicle design:

According to Article 25

· Vehicle must have three or four running wheels, which under normal condition must be all in continuous contact with the road

· Aerodynamic appendages, which adjust or prone to changing shape due to wind whilst the vehicle is in motion, are forbidden

· Vehicle bodies must not include any external appendages that might be dangerous to other

· The vehicle interior must not contain any object that might injure the driver during collision

According to this article our vehicle successfully obey that rule and ensured that there is no shape edge in the interior vehicle.

Article 27: Chassis

Our vehicle chassis is made from stainless steel and equipped with effective roll bar that extends 5cm around driver helmet when seated in normal driving position with the safety belt is fastened. We used tubular roll bar for around driver helmet and planar roll bar for separate between engine compartment and driver compartment and we ensure that roll can withstand with a static vertical and horizontal load without deforming. Additionally, our vehicle chassis is long enough and wide to protect our driver in case of frontal or lateral collision.

Article 28: Visibility

In SEM rule, the driver must access directly arc of visibility 90 degree on each side of the longitudinal axis of vehicle. That means, we have designated a way for a driver to access according to SEM rule by sliding the body to the front and easier to driver to access. Our vehicle vision is wide enough without aid any optical devices such as mirror, prisms, periscope. Our vehicle also equipped with rear-view mirror on each side of vehicle, we proposed that to use the surface area that organizer need which at least 25cm2. We also do some test experiment to ensure that our vehicle had enough visibility by with seven 60 cm high blocks spreads out every 30 degree in a half circle, with a 6m radius in front the vehicle.

Article 29: Safety belt

The safety manager must ensure that the driver must be fitted with an effective safety harness having five mounted point to maintain driver in his seat. The reason that, why we used five mounted point is to prevent any frontal collision that will slide the driver to the front spontaneously can cause injury to our driver. Additionally, there is many advantages that we could gain by using this type of safety belt such as in case of lateral collision and any other type of collision. To ensure that our safety belt is reliable we do some test to determine whether the safety belt can withstand a force at least 1.5 times or more of driver weight.

Article 30: Vehicle access

For our vehicle access, it is imperative for driver, fully harnessed, to be able to vacate vehicle at any time without assistance in less than 10 seconds. So to full fill this requirement, we have designated a detachable door, provided that a release mechanism is easily operable from inside and we clear marked by a red arrow for method of opening from outside. We also already designed the driving position and short handling so that easily to extracted the driver if necessary

Article 33: Engine and fuel system isolation from the driver

We ensure that the driver compartment is fully isolated from engine compartment with fire retardant materials and construction in order to prevent any liquid or flame reaching cockpit that can cause dangerous to driver. Our vehicle is closed top vehicle must effectively seal driver compartment from propulsion and fuel system and the bulkhead must prevent manual access to engine compartment by driver

Article 34: Horn

Our vehicle is equipped with horn that we purchased from organizer

Article 35: Fire Extinguisher

Our vehicle is equipped with fire extinguisher which is ABC type. Actually, all of our team had trained to use fire extinguisher especially our driver. We have trained by fire brigade officer to ensure that all team members are capable to extinguish any flame. We also ensure that our fire extinguisher is full and have a certificate of validity bearing the manufacturer ‘s number, the date of manufacture and expired date. The triggering system is in driver compartment so that easier to driver trigger in case of any burning occur. Before the race event, safety manager will give a situation to our driver in the event of fire, driver should first exit the vehicle and then if possible, remove fire extinguisher and attempt to extinguish the fire if safe to do so.

Article 36: Clutch and transmission

Our vehicle use internal combustion so that it must equipped with a clutch system, so that it can immobilized without any outside assistance and ensure that we installed a chain guard in order to protect driver and technician when working on the car in case chain breaking

Article 40: Braking

Our vehicle is equipped with mountain disc brake at the front rear wheel and back rear wheel, each braking system comprising of a single command control, command transmission and activators. We designed that one system is act at the front wheel and the other on rear wheel. When braking at the front wheel two shoes have to be used by only one command and must be simultaneously act at the right and left shoes. For more effectiveness braking system the vehicle will be placed on an incline with a 25 percent slope

Article 42: Shutdown mechanism

We have installed a shutdown mechanism which is can be accessible from the exterior, this system will stop the engine and isolated the battery. We will mark as red arrow at the widest point positioned on the vehicle body to indicate clearly the position of this emergency shutdown mechanism from exterior

After took several safety measurement to our vehicle so we hope that, our vehicle will passed all inspection during the race event. Although, passed all inspection is not our actual goal but the main goal is to make sure our vehicle is safe enough for our driver during the race event.

Endless Appreciation to:

Lela Rentaka