Tuesday, July 27, 2010



Held in Europe for over 25 years and most recently in the Americas, the Shell Eco-Marathon finally comes to Asia for the first time on last July. On last 7-10 July, young engineer from 81 teams and 10 countries across Asia are gearing up as they take part in SHELL ECO-MARATHON ASIA 2010. Competition that is not based on speed, neither breaking records nor finishing first. This competition, instead, is a race to push the limits of fuel efficiency.

For us, Shell Eco Marathon is one of the best platform- encouraging students like us around the world to design, build, and test fuel-efficient vehicles. In this short period of time, we have learnt how to build a car within the limits of a budget, time and skills. Besides, there are some problems occurred on zhenoxs in the last minute during the event held. Alhamdulillah, almost all major problems have resolved. The key point – we just want to give and show the best to everyone and of course for our university.

As info, It has different classes of competition: fuel cell-powered, solar cell-powered, gasoline-fueled, diesel-fueled, and LPG-fueled. The fuel is strictly measured out for each entrant. At the end of the course, the amount of fuel used is measured; from that figure, fuel economy is calculated. In the Combustion Category (Prototype), Team ATE-1 from Kong Thabbok Upatham Changkol Kho So Tho Bo School have won with the record of 1,521.9 kilometres on a litre of fuel. While in the Fuel Cell Category (Urban Concept), the NUS Urban Concept team from the National University of Singapore using hydrogen fuel was tops with a distance of 612.4 kilometres per litre in their KRUCE 2 concept vehicle.

In gasoline (prototype) class, MECHAPRO’s car : Zhenoxs have won 18th place with the best result- 238 miles on a galon of fuel. Besides, for Malaysia team itself, we actually have won the 3rd place after UTM SEMASIA2 and UTM SEMASIA TEAM. These followed by PISTON 1( Universiti Malaya Mechanical Team) and HORNBILL LIGHTZ TEAM from Curtin University of Technology, Sarawak Campus.

On behalf of zhenox’s crew, I would like to thank everyone for the support, and please keep supporting MECHAPRO S.E.M Asia TEAM on next SHELL ECO-MARATHON ASIA 2011. Last but not least, congratulations to all S.E.M Asia 2010 competitors..!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Assalamualaikum to all team mate,

As we already informed,we`ll stay at Universiti Islam Sains Malaysia campus. And here is a brief explanation regarding our movement tonight ( 6 July 2010 ) to Camellia Court, USIM.

But before that, please take note that we will be at Sepang from 7 July till 10 July ( late night ).

Our beloved car, Zhenoxs and Chenta will arrive earlier.Thus,person who incharge to go with lorry`s driver tonight at 8.00 pm please get ready.

Two student required to accompany lorry driver while the rest get into UMP bus ok.

By 11.00 pm,each team mate must be fully prepared. Our team leader,Zaki will inform you later.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Vote for Mechapro Team for People Choice Awards 2010

More than 80 teams are coming to the 2010 Shell Eco-marathon Asia... only one will win the People’s Choice Award and take home a cash prize and the trophy. Vote for your favorite team now!

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Reminder [ E-mail by Mr Collin ]

Dear Team Managers,

We are really looking forward to meeting you all in Sepang next week.

A few last tips from the technical team:

· Please ensure that you bring a printed copy of your fuel system diagram and electrical system diagram for the technical inspection

· For hydrogen teams, do bring any documentation on piping/connections to demonstrate that it is hydrogen compatible. Also bring documentation on your fuel cell (stack area, specifications, voltage, power), super capacitors (voltage, power rating). Please bring your flow meter to the hydrogen team (Garage 20) for calibration immediately upon arrival. If you bring your own hydrogen cylinders, these should be surrendered to the hydrogen team too (it’s best not to bring any of your own hydrogen along)

· If your driver is under-weight please bring some ballast

· Please ensure the safety items below:

Critical safety items:

· Please bring the necessary personal protective equipment for your work (gloves, safety glasses, etc)

· Please consider good ventilation and drinking bottle for the driver as it will be very, very hot.

· The roll bar should be a solid immovable roll bar that is strong enough to protect the driver in the event of a roll over. This needs to be 5cm above the driver’s helmet. It should be able stand 70 kgf in any direction.

· There should be no gaps between the bulkhead and the vehicle body/cover.

· Brakes must work well.

· Safety belts must be firmly attached to the vehicle chassis. Often the weakest point is the connection.

· NOTE: Unsafe cars will not be allowed on track


· If you are unable to send your car batteries, please advise Mark Devan soonest so that we can try and source this for you in advance.

· Fire extinguishers will be provided for all vehicles.

· Engine oil will be provided for all internal combustion vehicles

· Tubing for fuels will be available in the technical garage

· Fuels will be available in the technical garage


· We are trying to have welding equipment on site. If you have any specific welding requirements (e.g. TIG welding), please also advise Mark Devan

Good luck, and have a good and safe trip to Sepang.

Best regards,
Colin Chin
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Tel: +60(0)3-21703918 Fax: +60(0)3-86869490 /21703477 Mobile: +60(0)12-3020032

Email: Colin.Chin@shell.com
Internet: www.shell.com/globalsolutions

Endless Appreciation to:

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